Your Wedding is Special and it goes by fast!
 save yourself the trouble of hiring the right team. We know Weddings aren't cheap and neither is Professional Filmmaking & Photography.
 together we will create a budget that is mind pleasing, Don't let this day just be a memory, allow it to be a  piece of art you can share with your Friends & family Anywhere, anytime. 
-Our Wedding Videography Prices-
(Editing and Equipment is included in all of our packages as well as audio of vows and ceremony speeches)

Premier Wedding Package ($2,800): 6 hours of shooting Ceremony and Reception. 2 Videographers
Delivery- 5 minute Highlight of wedding day & 10 Minute Wedding Video 
(The Wedding Video is not a film or Highlight, It showcases a special part of your wedding you would like to have)

Luxe Wedding Package ($4,000): 8 Hours of shooting Wedding event, 2 Videographers, Drone Footage 
Delivery- 10 Minute Highlight of Wedding Day & 20 minute Wedding Video
 (the video is not a wedding Film or highlight, it showcases a special part of your wedding you would like to have) 

Platinum Wedding Package ($6,000): This is not your typical Wedding Video. This is a Custom Wedding Film capturing the raw emotion of your special day. We create a custom schedule & story board, a script following your unique love story. We work with you to make this process easy and exciting. 
This package includes- 10 hours of shooting, 3 Videographers, Drone Footage. Audio of scripted dialogue included.
Delivery- A 17 Minute Wedding Film & 30 minute Wedding video.

 - this is not a small wedding package, if you are picking this package, you must work with High Exposure Media to make this happen! -

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