My name is Dominik Espey, I am the founder of High Exposure Media. I have lived in St. Louis my whole life and have always dreamed of running my own company. Once I graduated from Webster University with a Bachelors in Film & Television Production, I decided to pursue my dream. within our first year, High Exposure Media worked with Many companies & Clients around the Midwest. if you would like to view some of that work, please visit the "Portfolio" Tab
Even though I created a Media Company, I still have a passion to create my own content. is where I post my personal content for others.
To view my Personal Content, please click the button below ​​​​​​​
Meet Matt -Divine Shot!
Matt is a lead Editor, videographer, and Producer for High Exposure Media. 
I recently joined the HEM team in 2023! just like many of us, I have always wanted to work in the film industry. Because of that, I started my own brand called Divine Shot that represents upcoming artists in the rap/hip genre! Since shooting music videos, I wanted to learn the post-production process and that's when I started Editing. When I'm not in the office, I like to spend time with my dog, do photography, and play tennis. I feel HEM is a great place for local filmmakers because we understand the struggle and do not judge. we all have one goal in mind, to help share your story the way you want it!
More team members spotlights coming soon!
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